Monday, August 1, 2011

big blue 1958 in long beach

As for environmentalist concerns, they have justification. WhenMissouri was towed from Bremerton to Pearl Harbor, she was berthed for a week in the fresh water of the Columbia River to kill off Bremerton fouling and not transport it to Hawaii.

They were perfectly justified in this. When the BB Floating Dry Dock was towed from Subic Bay to Pearl, WESTPAC critters were still sticking to it and started to pollute the Mid Pacific waters of Pearl Harbor.

Strange story about that Dry Dock. It was towed from Guam to Subic Bay back in the late 70's and a Filipino friend of mine was the General Foreman Rigger in charge of erecting the side walls. Prior to the Guam assignment, that same Floating Dry Dock was berthed at Long Beach Naval Station until the 1960's.

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