Monday, August 1, 2011

Machinist (AFDB-8)

AFDB-8 Class Large Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock :
  • Built, in 1980, by Seebeck, Shipbuilding GmbH, Bremerhaven, Germany
  • Delivered and placed in service in June 1980 as Machinist (AFDB-8)
  • Allocated to Naval Base Subic Bay, Philippines
  • Placed out of service, circa 1992
  • Struck from the Naval Register, 23 April 1997
  • Sold, 23 April 1997, for commercial service to Guam Industrial Services Shipyard

  • Specifications:
    Displacement unknown
    Length 825'
    Beam 175'
    Draft unknown
    Complement unknown
    Armament none

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    SizeImage DescriptionContributed
    Machinist127kMachinist (AFDB-8) at Naval Station Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippines, date unknown.Bob Gregory YA-03
    WESTPAC Maintenance PMgr.
    Berthing & Messing PMgr.
    Machinist62kMachinist (AFDB-8) and USS Brunswick (ATS-3) at Naval Station Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippines, 3 April 1992. Brunswick towed Machinist from Subic Bay to Pearl Harbor during the US military withdrawal from Subic Bay.
    DOD photo # DNST9207048 by Roger Dutcher, JO2 USN.
    Machinist69kAerial view of ex-Machinist (AFDB-8) in commercial service for Guam Ship Yard, Apra Harbor Guam, circa 2008.Bob Gregory
    Machinist45kEx-Machinist (AFDB-8) sunk at Guam Ship Yard, Apra Harbor Guam, January 2011.

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